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 What we are about

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Kazimierz the Great

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PostSubject: What we are about   Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:03 am

"For Faith, Law, and King"

      Members of the Warsaw Pact strive to learn and uphold three main virtues. Those are Loyalty; although self explanatory, many nations hop from alliance to alliance looking for the least trouble for their own personal gain. It is cowardly, and so it is taken very seriously in TWP. The second virtue is Honour. A member of TWP will strive to keep his image up, fight well, take responsibility, and fly his banner proudly. The third and maybe most important virtue is Unity. Without unity, loyalty and honour cannot exist, and so, our members look out for eachother and build a bond which lasts a lifetime. TWP is oriented in building diplomatic relations, globalizing market trade, and keeping the peace where applicable. But make no mistake; if threatened, we will stand together, and stand strong.

~Welcome to The Warsaw Pact
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What we are about
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